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Manual Automatic Mixing Valve faucet T-6
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Function: Water flows and stops when hands approach or remove.​Features: a Place for simple hand washing and avoiding sexual transmission.

Applicable locations: commercial buildings, restaurants, hospitals, electronic parts factories, community toilets, public toilets, schools, kindergartens, mass merchandisers.

Sensor faucet for hospital food factory-
Sensor faucet for hospital food factory.
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Kitchen Manual Automatic Mixing Valve fa

Function: reach out the sensor once out of water, then reach out the sensor once to turn off the water.
​Features: Great emphasis should be placed on cleaning hands and brushes, cleaning equipment, utensils, food ingredients, and places where water taps are strictly prohibited.

​Applicable location: hospital, dentist, clinic, nursing station, operating room, food factory. Places where food, equipment and utensils need to be cleaned with high hygiene.


Function: ​ A:Step on foot-plate for water supply and release to stop water supply. 

B:Step on foot-plate to turn on the water and step again to turn off the water.

​Features: The product is targeted by budget buyers. No contact faucet can complete the function of opening and closing water. And can use the traditional faucet to match.

​Applicable location: Hospital, dentist, clinic, nursing station, operating room, food factory, dentist, otolaryngology, clinic.
Places where food, equipment, and utensils need to be cleaned with a high degree of hygiene.

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Automatic Flush Valve T-819-2.jpg
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Function:After person approaches for 2 sec.,pre-flush for 2 sec. After using & leaving,final-flush for 7 sec.

​Features: The product features are free of drilling walls, free of PT walls, free of power cords, screw on the flusher and install the battery to use. *Note: The exception is the hidden flusher

​Applicable location: full range of toilets.

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Function:After using &Leaving for 2 sec.,the unit will flush for 5-13 sec.(adjustable).
Time delay for 7 sec. to prevent error inducement of sensor.

Features: The product features are toilet and squat toilets, which can be used without installing a flusher and a battery.

*Note: Except whether the toilet lid is installed

Applicable location: full range of toilets.