Foot switch control T-726B

Foot switch control T-726B

  • Two-Systems choice
    1.Step on foot-plate for water supply and release to stop water supply. Safeguard of self-locking after 30 min of water flowing.
    2.Step on foot-plate to turn on the water and step again to turn off the water. Safeguard of self-locking after 1 min of water flowing.
  • Easy installed in any existing faucet can be converted into Automatic Foot faucet.
  • The LED will twinkle when power is weak,replace battery. Self shut-off when power run out.
  • Battery life:2~3 years (based on 50,000 uses/year).
  • Water Pressure:0.5kgf/cm²-8kgf/cm²
  • Specification

    Installation specification

    • Deck
    • Hose:PF1/2"

    Solenoid Valve Specification

    • Save water Solenoid Valve
    • Strainer

    Power Specifications


    • AA Alkaline battery(4pcs)
    • CR-123A lithium battery(2pcs)


    • Adaptor AC110V-DC6V
    • Adaptor AC220V-DC6V
  • Packing specification

    • Control Box
    • Foot operated switch
    • Adaptor or Battery
    • (Mixed water) 30cm hose pipe (hot)
    • (Mixed water) Check valve
    • (OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES) Angle valve
    • (OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES) 50cm Hose pipe